Embiggen your coffee break

cromulent: adj. Fine, acceptable or normal; excellent, realistic, legitimate or authentic.

Cromulent Coffee attempts to index great cafes around the world for locals and travellers. Locations are tagged into three ratings:
Cromulent: Only the best at this establishment
Unverified: Recommended by an acquaintance, but it hasn't been verified.
Insta-find: Only found online so far (Instagram, yelp, flickr, etc.), but it passes the latte art test.

Latte art test: n. The study of customer photographs on social networks to establish whether a cafe has consistently good latte art. Often associated with excellent coffee drinking.


Q: Why "Cromulent Coffee"?
A: Dilbert can answer that.

Q: Are you really claiming that coffee only tastes good if it looks good?
A: Not at all; but masterful hand-poured latte art is a sign of a barista who knows what they're doing.

Q: Why doesn't the "Near Me" map point do anything?
A: You need to ensure your browser can use your location, and that it's enabled for cromulentcoffee.com. Don't worry -- it's only used locally and we never save it or report it up to the internet.

Q: But I live in Italy / Sydney / Melbourne and can get good coffee anywhere. Why do I need this?
A: You don't.

Q: Is there such a thing as a dry cappuccino?
A: No.

Q: How do I find the latest cromulent coffee / suggest somewhere else?
A: Hit up @cromulentcofee on Instagram or twitter. Starbucks need not apply.

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